Covid -19 Secure Policy for Stone’s Throw Guest House

As like so many others, we were very much looking forward to the day we could wave goodbye to all Covid restrictions and get back to our old ways. With that being said, we do not feel that we are in a stable enough position with cases etc to remove all restrictions form the Guest House. As young business owners, our priority throughout the whole pandemic has been to keep our guests safe, our business open and ourselves Covid free.  We have only just recently been double jabbed and feel that whilst cases are still relatively high and transmission still a day to day concern, we will continue to keep our Covid restrictions, other then mandatory face masks, in place until at least September 1st. We have had very positive feedback from our guests that the restrictions we do have in place, have not effected their stay at all and hope this continues with our future guests.  

Please view our full Covid-19 secure policy below for all our detailed measures that will be in place during your stay but below is a brief update on the main points.

Masks:  We will continue to wear masks but it is now a personal choice of guests and will not be mandatory in communal areas. You are of course welcome to continue wearing them if you wish to.


Breakfast: We will continue to do a pre order system and booked time slot for breakfast.

You can choose between booking an allocated time in the breakfast room – 8.30am, 8.45am or 9am or having your breakfast delivered to your room between  8.30 – 9.15am.


Room tidy: We unfortunately will not be able to provide our usual daily room tidies as before and will not enter your room during your stay unless your stay is longer than 5 days when a room clean can be booked in. A room request sheet can be filled out and any items needed can be left outside your room.

Check out: Slightly earlier time of 10am so we have time to thoroughly deep clean the rooms before new guests.